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  • Myths About Solid Shampoo Bars Answered

    Making the switch to a bar can be daunting. We have addressed some of the myths around Solid Shampoo Bars. 
  • Syndet vs Soap-Based Shampoo Bars

    Always wondered what shampoo bars are all about? Find some info on the two different types of bars around.
  • Zero Waste Beauty Essentials While Traveling

    Whether it is a weekend away or a longer road trip you still seem to pack the same number of items when it comes to your toiletry bag. Many of thes...
  • 🌎 Earth Day Challenge 🌏

    Earth Day is an annual event that is held on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

    Why not try some of these Earth Day challenges this Earth Day and see which ones you might even continue into your daily life. 

  • DIY Soap Dish Ideas

    Sometimes repurposing something from around the house can be the way to use what you already have. Try a flat Lego base as a soap dish. It really works! Featured in this photo is our Kalla Normal/Dry Sample Box containing two trial shampoos and two trial conditioners.
  • ⁣Reduce Plastic – Dry Shampoo

    Not all dry shampoos are created equal when it comes to reducing plastic. Many are not good for you or the Earth as a lot of dry shampoos come in plastic container or aerosol cans with plastic components.

    Our Kalla Dry Shampoo is packaged in stainless steel and is formulated with gentle ingredients and contains no silicones, propane, alcohol or talc.

  • 💜Reducing plastic for your Cleaning Products💜⁣

    Nobody really wants to clean but in the end someone has to. I want to share some tips and tricks how to reduce plastic around cleaning.⁣ ⁣ Kitchen ...
  • Reducing plastic in the Kitchen⁣⁣

    The kitchen is probably the place where we accumulate the amount of single-use plastic. Just like the bathroom, I want to give you some ideas on wh...
  • 💜⁣⁣Reducing plastic in the Bathroom💜⁣⁣

    Welcome to Plasticfreejuly. I hope you made yourself comfortable and have found a goal you want to work towards. In case you haven’t yet or you fee...
  • 💜⁣⁣Plastic Free July - Intro💜⁣⁣

    I can’t believe it is July already. Where as the year gone. July is always a very special month for us here at KallaBeautyNZ. The main reason Kalla...
  • How to choose the perfect shampoo bar?

    A short guide to choose the perfect shampoo bar for your hair.