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Zero Waste Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Make a positive impact on Dad this year and go sustainable with some of these great ideas.


Ask Dad What They Would Like First

First and foremost, asking if there is anything that they actually want, or need is always good. If he really wants or needs something in particular that you could give him, which would make everything 100% easier. Plus, then you know that the item will be used and needed, creating less waste overall.


Quality Time

Something that requires no materials, and no waste is quality time. A lunch or dinner date with his favourite meal or a trip to his favourite activity is a fantastic way to connect on Father’s Day and create beautiful memories. Perhaps taking photos along the way too and send them to Dad to remember the day can make it extra special and memorable. 



DIY can be a really nice way of making something personal for Dad if you are good with DIY. Perhaps DIY beard oil, handmade picture frame, homemade BBQ spice mix with ingredients from your local bulk bin store or even just a simple handmade card with a beautiful message inside is a beautiful gift.


Consumable Gifts

Consumable gifts that are packaging free are great because they are enjoyed and then once they are used or eaten, they leave no trace. Great ideas for consumable items are handmade cupcakes, brownies, coconut rough, snacks and sweet items from bulk bin places such as Refill Nation or personal care consumables such as soaps, deodorant, or bath soaks. Pop the food items in a jar or wrap in fabric or a reusable container to keep it sustainable. 



Second-hand items from thrift shops can be a fantastic way of purchasing something amazing at a fraction of the cost. Beautiful finds can be found such as recipe books, novels, ties, and whiskey glasses can be found at most second hand stores. Plus you might also find something amazing for yourself!



Reusable coffee cups, bags, drink bottles, food flask, some cool reusable cutlery are fantastic reusable items that can be invested in to start Dad on a more sustainable lifestyle. Choose something you think he would use and love. 



Do you want to go the extra mile on your Zero Waste Father’s Day gift? Why not wrap your present in reusable fabric wrap or reuse a box or bag!


You can find the Kalla Father's Day items and giftboxes HERE.


Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dads out there! We hope you have a fantastic day. 


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