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Zero Waste Beauty Essentials While Traveling

Whether it is a weekend away or a longer road trip you still seem to pack the same number of items when it comes to your toiletry bag. Many of these items are bulky, packaged in plastic bottles and add more weight to your travel bag.
Being able to bring the same products that are zero waste, reduces the plastic packaging but also the size of the products as you no longer need to transport bulky plastic filled with a large percentage of water.

With solid products you also don’t need to worry about your carry on luggage bottles being under 100ml or worrying about bottles bursting in your checked in luggage.

Our top zero waste items to travel with are:

Kalla Shampoo and Conditioner
Orange Rose Lotion Bar
Solid Oral Care Toothpaste tablets
• Bamboo Toothbrush
Calendula Orange - Face Cleansing Bar
Oh Goodness Natural Deodorant

Tips for traveling with our zero waste beauty products:

• Cut up your shampoo and conditioner into a nice small size ready for travel or you can purchase one of our trial packs (these are a fantastic size for travel). Place them in a small container that is easy to travel with.

• When traveling, try to dry shampoo and conditioner thoroughly between uses. Drying on a towel outside of the bathroom area is a great way to keep them in top shape for the duration of your trip.

• Toothpaste Tablets – These are fantastic for travel as they can be placed in a smaller container and you only need to bring enough for your trip.

• Our Calendula Orange - Face Cleansing Bar is the perfect size for traveling however it can be cut in half also if needed.

• Think multi-purpose – our Kalla shampoo can also double as a body wash.

Going zero waste with your travel essentials is a fantastic way to reduce your waste outside the home. It also means you do not need to use the little plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles provided by many accommodation facilities.
Have fun on all your travel trips, big or small!



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