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💜⁣⁣Reducing plastic in the Bathroom💜⁣⁣

Welcome to Plasticfreejuly. I hope you made yourself comfortable and have found a goal you want to work towards. In case you haven’t yet or you feel like you can add one more to your journey this July I want to give you some inspiration how to reduce plastic in your bathroom.

I have taken a photo each of what my, my husbands and my kids use in the bathroom.

Martina’s swaps
- Shampoo/Conditioner bottle for shampoo/conditioner bars
- Body wash for soap (I usually use some off cuts )
- Dry Shampoo spray for dry shampoo powder which I refill as well
- Deodorant in plastic for @ohgoodnessnz
deodorant or my homemade deodorant. Both work for me
- Toothpaste in plastic for @solidoralcare . I love the mint one

Juergen’s swaps
- Disposable razor for safety razor
- Expensive anti-dandruff bottle shampoo for shampoo bar (he also uses my conditioner bar )
- Body wash and shaving gel for soap (he uses the soap as shaving foam as well as body wash)
- I forgot to add the deodorant. He uses one I make for him. Have a look for my stories in the coming days and I will will share this simple recipe

Kid’s swaps
- Baby shampoo for shampoo bar (they are is mild enough to keep the kids happy)
- Body wash/hand wash for soap. They usually get my failed experiments 🙂 I also make liquid soap from leftover. I will show this on a story this week
- Toothpaste in plastic for @solidoralcare . The kids love the bubblegum toothpaste tablets.
- Regular toothbrushes for bamboo toothbrushes

and we all swapped
- regular supermarket toilet paper to @greencanepaper packaging free toilet paper
- regular tissue boxes to Greencane plastic free tissue boxes
- regular cotton buds to Bamboo cotton buds (I got ours from @paknsave )

We have not changed all items overnight but rather replaced items that were running out or broken with more sustainable ones. This way you don’t have to spend a lot of money in one go but keep it more affordable and spread it over several months.

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