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⁣Reduce Plastic – Dry Shampoo

What is Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a great addition to any beauty routine. It can revive greasy hair for another day as it absorbs sebum (the scalp's natural oil) that makes hair look greasy after a few days of no washing.

Dry shampoo is typically made with a starch component such as rice or cornflour in powdered form and is used to refresh & revive oily hair without the need for water.


The Origins of Dry Shampoo

In the 15th century, people in Asia would use clay to absorb excess oils and act as a refresher for their hair.

During the Elizabethan era it was popular among women to cleanse their hair of excess dirt and oil with clay powders due to a lack of regular bathing. Some powders were even coloured for decorative purposes which was popular during the time.

In the 17-1800’s, Europeans would use ground starches to freshen up their hair under their wigs and when long hair was a marker of privilege and masculinity they would colour and deodorize powdered wigs.

The first commercial dry shampoo however was only introduced in the 1940’s by the the Stephanie Brooke Company of Jersey City.  This was the first commercially produced dry shampoo powder which was named… ‘Minipoo’.


Reducing Plastic – Choosing the right Dry Shampoo

Not all dry shampoos are created equal when it comes to reducing plastic. Many are not good for you or the Earth as a lot of dry shampoos come in plastic container or aerosol cans with plastic components.

Many council recycling centres in NZ do not accept aerosol cans either and they are only recycled in some parts of New Zealand.

Our Kalla dry shampoo is packaged in stainless steel and is formulated with gentle ingredients and contains no silicones, propane, alcohol or talc.

Refills are also available in home compostable packaging, ready to top up your existing shaker.

While dry shampoos are not a replacement for a hair cleanser such as our Kalla Shampoo. It is a fantastic product which can breathe new life into messy hair with a bit of grease that needs absorbing.


The Kalla Dry Shampoo is super simple to use.

  1. Apply the Kalla Dry Shampoo powder to your roots using the shaker or a makeup brush
  2. Blend into your hair and shake out any loose powder
  3. Brush your hair a few times from roots to tips and style as usual




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