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Myths About Solid Shampoo Bars Answered

Making the switch to a bar can be daunting and many myths surround Solid Shampoo Bars which can put people off trying them. Some of these myths have to do with performance, other myths have more to do with soap-based shampoo, which many people have had bad experiences with.

Our solid shampoo bars are a syndet based shampoo, which are not soap based. You can read a little more about the differences HERE.

Below we have addressed some of the myths around Solid Shampoo Bars.


Solid Shampoo Bars are more expensive

Of course shampoo bars can vary in price. But because shampoo bars are the equivalent to three bottles of shampoo, they are actually very comparable, if not cheaper in price to a bottle of supermarket shampoo.

Our solid shampoo bars range from $18 - $21  


Solid Shampoo Bars aren’t as good as bottled shampoo

Kalla Beauty shampoo bars contain similar ingredients to bottled shampoo, so they perform just as good, if not better. If fact, you may find our shampoo bars are far superior to many bottled brands as they don’t contain sulfates that can irritate and dry scalps.


Solid Shampoo Bars don’t lather as well

They absolutely lather fantastically well. The one thing that can help to create great lather is to add a little water after you swipe the shampoo across your hair. Bottled shampoo contains water which helps with lather.

As the Kalla Beauty shampoo doesn’t contain water, it just needs a little extra to get the lather going.


There is a transition period when you swap to a Shampoo Bar

If you are swapping to the solid shampoo that is a syndet bar such as the Kalla Beauty shampoo bar, there is little to no transition period. Our shampoo is simply a concentrated version of a bottled shampoo. So it would be a similar transition from one bottled shampoo to another bottled shampoo.

Some of the transition period myths come from swapping to a soap-based shampoo because the higher pH of soap-based shampoo creating a pH imbalance on the scalp.


Shampoo products with a high pH may damage hair.

This can be true for many, which is why we choose to make more expensive, pH-balanced bars for hair, instead of soap-based bars which have a high pH.

If you use a shampoo product that has a pH above 7, it can cause the hair follicles to open damaging the hair shaft. It can also strip away the naturally acidic sebum which can lead to a damaged, itchy, sensitive scalp.


You need to change your shampoo every few months because your hair gets “used to it”.

Your hair doesn’t get used to shampoo, however changing your shampoo because of seasonal or environmental reasons may be beneficial.

Hotter weather can make your head sweat more and become prone to more dandruff or become oily as your scalp may tend to produce more sebum. In cold weather, heat styling with a hairdryer may be more commonly used and your scalp may become dry and require more moisture with a more moisture rich shampoo. Changing shampoo can be absolutely beneficial in different seasons if your scalp surface changes.



Alongside the environmental benefits, Kalla Beauty Shampoo Bars are an affordable, space saving alternative to your bottled shampoo, leaving your hair clean, nourished and beautiful.

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