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International Plastic Bag Free Day


Plastic pollution is a global catastrophe and sadly it is a man-made one. Did you know that approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used on a global scale?
While we currently have a plastic bag ban in NZ. Shops still offer a bag, which is often a thicker plastic bag that is intended to be reused. However, these bags seldom get reused.

The thicker "reusable" plastic bag needs to be used around six more times to become more environmentally sustainable than the thin ones. 

The thing is, people just aren't reusing these thick bags and they become an even worse alternative, a thicker bag just isn't a realistic solution to the plastic problem.

Paper bags, although these are a "No Plastic" solution still are not as sustainable as you may think. Paper bags still require trees to be cut down, and then processed into paper using power, water and resources. 

When it comes to the produce department of the supermarket, plastic produce bags are still offered at many stores. Why not pack your vegetables lose and when home store them in stackable containers, or invest in some reusable produce bags for use when shopping. 



 Why not refuse ALL bags offered ("reusable plastic bags", paper and compostable).

Reuse what you already have and refuse single-use on International Plastic Bag Free Day in New Zealand.

International Plastic Bag Free Day is on July 3rd 2022. Share #internationalplasticbagfreeday on Social Media and spread the message to remember your reusable bags when you are out and about. 

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