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How to Wrap Gifts With Fabric

There is a much greater awareness of rubbish created at Birthdays and Christmas these days.

Swapping wrapping paper Sellotape, plastic, and single-use bows for reusable beautiful fabric and ribbon is a fantastic easy way to go green.


Where can you get fabric from?

The best fabric is the one you already own. An old sheet or duvet cover that is no longer used can make wrapping for larger items. Cut into a manageable size and avoid any worn patches or holes.

An old burlap sack can make a rustic look fabric wrap.

Second-hand items such as pretty scarfs or if you are lucky enough to find some offcuts of fabric from friends or in second-hand stores are a great find.


How to wrap gifts with fabric

Wrapping square or rectangular items -  Furoshiki wrap is a traditional Japanese cloth used to wrap and transport food, clothes or gifts. This style of wrapping gifts is used mostly to wrap square and rectangular items and it is fastened by tying the ends together. You can see in the video below how you can use a single piece of fabric to wrap our face masks gift box.



Wrapping round items – you can use fabric wrap to wrap round items too. Just pull the fabric to the top and fasten with a reusable ribbon or twine.


Wrapping odd-shaped gifts – If you are handy with a sewing machine, making cute reusable fabric bags is a cute way to present a gift. Plus, you could reuse them in other ways too.  


Happy Wrapping Everyone!

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