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How to store your shampoo bars

Well whether you are new to this shampoo bar business or whether you are experienced you might be interested in how best to store your shampoo bars.
Shampoo bars and soap bars keep well and last longer when they can dry in between uses. If you use them daily you may want to consider cutting your bar in half and alternate the use. This way you make sure they can dry out in between uses. If they cannot dry out they may become slushy and disintegrate a lot quicker. You literally put money down the drain that way. 
Make sure you find a soap dish that has holes in it to help drain the water out of the bar. Here a sample what they could look like. 
If you prefer a more natural look you could use a Paua shell and add some drainage holes in it. 
If you reach the end of your bars use a soap saver to use every little bit of it. You can use a small bag that allows the shampoo to penetrate through. Best natural materials would be organza (made from silk), hemp or cotton. 
We are currently in the process of selecting our own travel soap dishes. Watch this space...
Love Martina

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