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How to Store your Shampoo Bars

Whether you are new to this shampoo bar business or you are experienced, you might be interested in learning a couple of tips and tricks on how best to store your shampoo and conditioner bars. 
Shampoo bars and Conditioner bars keep well and last longer when they can dry in between uses, when they are left to sit in water for too long, they may eventually turn into a soggy mess.
A dish with drainage holes to keep water away from the bar in between uses is great. Options to store them could be simply on a shelf in the bathroom away from the steam of the shower, a dry face cloth works well or a dry loofah to help your bar to dry. Specially designed soap holders such as our Block Dock are a stylish choice to keep in your shower or bathroom area. 

If you use them daily you may want to consider cutting your bar in half and alternate the use. This way you make sure they can dry out in between uses. If they cannot dry out they may become slushy and disintegrate a lot quicker.

Other Tips 
If you have a shower dome, avoid keeping your shampoo and conditioner bars in the shower area so steam trapped in a shower dome isn't a problem.
If you reach the end of your bars use a soap saver to use every little bit of it. You can use a small bag that allows the shampoo to penetrate through. The best natural materials would be organza (made from silk), hemp or cotton. 
For more ideas on how to store your bars please check out some great ideas in our DIY Soap Dish Ideas Blog.

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