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How to Choose your Shampoo Bar

Below is an easy to use flow chart that may help you to choose your shampoo from our range. 

It is good to note that although you may have a "type" of hair, sometimes a combination of two different shampoos may be good to use also. 

For example you may use the 'Pure Mint' Shampoo for normal hair throughout the week. Then, if you have blonde hair or grey hair, you may like to use the 'Silver Violet' Purple Shampoo to tone your hair once a week. 
Changing shampoo can be absolutely beneficial in different seasons too if your scalp surface changes, or your activities change. Hotter weather may make your head sweat more and become oily as your scalp may tend to produce more sebum so for over the winter months, so the 'Sunny Lemon' Shampoo could be used short term. In cold weather, heat styling with a hairdryer may be more commonly used and your scalp may become dry and require more moisture with a more moisture rich product such as the 'Juicy Orange' Shampoo. 
So watch out for changes that may occur seasonally, monthly or even weekly where it may be beneficial to have 2 different shampoos to use throughout the year. 

Choose your shampoo below. 

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