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How to choose the perfect shampoo bar?

The question I get asked most is 'Which shampoo bar is the best one for my hair?'
So I thought I give you some ideas on how to find the perfect bar for your hair.
Most people's natural hair is normal. Normal means it is neither too dry nor too oily. People with normal hair often do not have to wash their hair daily and the sebum production is under control. The hair knows what it needs to be doing. So we developed Pure Mint - Shampoo for Normal Hair that supports what the hair already does. Rosemary essential oil helps with hair growth and mint essential oil adds some freshness. The perfect balance.
But then not every one's hair works that easy. Supermarket shampoos and even the expensive ones from the salon often add ingredients that get the hair out of balance. This is often the case when silicone is used. These silicone's are great for the first few washes as they make the hair smooth and silky adding a protective layer around the hair shaft. Unfortunately, the protection works so well that nothing can penetrate through to the hair anymore. So the more often you use those shampoos the more shampoo you need to get the same effect as the ingredients cannot reach the hair anymore. And at some point, the hair will change its sebum production and will either feel too dry or too oily. 
That is why we also have a shampoo for those 2 hair types.
Please try our Juicy Orange - Shampoo for Dry Hair, Itchy Scalp or Dandruff if your hair feels very dry. Other symptoms of dry hair could be itchy scalp and/or dandruff. People often wash their hair to get rid of that itchy feeling and dandruff but most shampoos are using very harsh chemicals for those hair types that make the matter often worse. All your hair needs is a little help to get the balance right. Our shampoo adds some nourishing oils to your hair to reduce the dryness. Orange essential oil helps soothe irritated and dry scalp and lavender essential oil helps to calm both body and mind. 
Our Sunny Lemon - Shampoo for Oily Hair is best for oily hair. In this case, the sebum production is often out of control and the hair feels oily within a day. People with oily hair can only dream of skipping hair wash for even a day. Unfortunately washing your hair too often stimulates the sebum production even more and it becomes a vicious circle.  We add oils to the hair that does not make the hair feel greasy. These oils still have a nourishing effect and together with the lemon essential oil it regulates the sebum production over time. 
If you use Juicy Orange or Sunny Lemon, to begin with you may find that over time your hair learns again how to self regulate and you can switch over to Pure Mint. 
Whatever hair type you are right now our shampoos help you to get healthy-looking hair with every wash. Give it a go if you have not yet.
Love Martina

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