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DIY Soap Dish Ideas


The best soap dishes are ones that help dry your soaps between uses. A shallow dish, open container or holder that helps to drain away water and keep moisture away from underneath are fantastic.

Create your own soap dish with these 5 ideas.


Jar Lid  

Re-purpose a lid from a jar.

Creating holes with a hammer and small nail in the jar lid will help water drain and air circulate to dry the bar between uses.


Pretty Rocks

Create a really attractive soap dish with small stones and a pot plant dish or plate. Arrange small stones to place larger bars soap onto. Featured in this photo is our Kalla Juicy Orange Shampoo.


Lego Soap Dish 

Sometimes repurposing something from around the house can be the way to use what you already have. Try a flat Lego base as a soap dish. It really works! Featured in this photo is our Normal/Dry Sample Box containing two trial shampoos and two trial conditioners.


Luffa Sponge 

Luffa sponges or coconut fibre scrub pads make fantastic soap dishes to rest soap on between uses.



Pumice is a fantastic soap tray and can be found on many beaches. This always looks fantastic in the shower and can be also used to remove dead skin from rough areas like the soles of the feet.


We hope this has inspired you to create or repurpose your own soap dish! 


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