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💜Reducing plastic for your Cleaning Products💜⁣

Nobody really wants to clean but in the end someone has to. I want to share some tips and tricks how to reduce plastic around cleaning.⁣
Kitchen replacements⁣
For our dishes we use a dish wash bar and a soap shaker (see photo). By swishing the soap shaker in hot water it creates the suds you need to clean your dishes. If you don’t want to use a soap for your dishes you always have the option of refilling your bottles at a bulk bin store.⁣
We replaced our plastic pot scrubby with a loofah. Loofah’s are plants that grow on vines and look a little like a cucumber. The inner part is dried out and can be used like a sponge or scrubby. Once you are done with your loofah you can compost it.⁣
For dishwasher powder we went back to commercial one as the recipes I found did not clean the dishes enough. But we now use white vinegar as our rinse aid. Please let me know if you have a natural recipe for dishwasher powder that works for you.⁣
Laundry replacements⁣
Did you know that you can make most house cleaning products with just a few simple ingredients? Baking soda, castille soap, white vinegar and some essential oils will help DIY most products you would otherwise buy. I will post some recipes over the coming days but here is one to start.⁣
Multipurpose cleaner⁣
Add to a 500ml spray bottle (reuse your old one, if you have a different size just adjust the recipe)
1 tsp baking soda⁣
2 drops liquid castille soap⁣
3 drops essential oils (lemon, tea tree, lavender)⁣
and fill with water. Give it a shake and pat yourself on the back. You have created your own cleaning product.
We currently use Persil for our laundry powder as this is the only thing that gets our toddler cloth nappies clean. We will change to a different one once my daughter is out of nappies.⁣
I also highly recommend the guys at for their range of eco-friendly cleaning products and liquid castille soap. All products are packed in glass bottles or cardboard to make recycling easy. You can also find them at bulk bin stores like
What are you doing already? Have you made the switch yet?⁣

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