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❤️Reducing plastic Women only❤️⁣

This one is really close to my heart. When I started my journey and documented all the changes I planned to make I was not sure whether I would have the courage to make the switch to a menstrual cup and/or period underwear. But when my first post went up July 1 two years ago I received lots of messages from friends who encouraged me to give it a go.⁣
Maybe this is your message to give this a go. You will have the following options ⁣
❤️Menstrual Cup⁣
❤️ Period Underwear⁣
❤️ Reusable Pads⁣
I guess this a personal preference and we are all different. I used tampons since my late teenage years so a cup sounded like the logic replacement for me. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Have a look My Cup NZ to get some good advice which one is right for you.⁣
I have to say since I bought my cup and some period underwear I have never looked back.⁣
I love both of them and using a cup is way easier than it looks. Once you get the hang of it you won’t need to run to the bathroom every 15 minutes to check whether it is not leaking (well I have done that for about a day, so I know what I am talking about).⁣
I empty mine about twice a day (I have fairly light period) and wear some period underwear as a backup. To be honest I am wearing my period underwear (the medium absorbency) most days. This also helps with light bladder leakage which I am blessed with since my son was born. Yeah for kids 😋
In case reusable pad is your thing they can be treated and washed similar to nappies. There is lots of information on the internet on how to best care for them.⁣
If you want lots more information and a good place to start go to
My Cup NZ
or The Good Fund. Both are also supporting period poverty in New Zealand by giving back to the community.⁣
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The Good Fund

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